About Us

Our Story

A freedom that only asks what’s in it for me,

A freedom without commitment to others,

A freedom without love or charity or duty or patriotism,

Is unworthy of our founding ideals, and those who died in their defense. 


While upholding these lofty ideals, we believe, there is a huge potential of untapped energy and resources in each of us waiting to be utilised; there is a greater happiness to be achieved and there is a bigger goal to be attained. We are well-qualified to attempt the un-attempted, to ride beyond our limited definition of who we are and achieve so much more!


The organization is founded with the aim of bringing a positive wind of change in Assam through wide ranging activities in area of Education, Environment, Sports, Youth Welfare & Disaster Response & Preparedness by channelizing the inexhaustible energy and resources of the youth for the greater good of the society.

What We Do

Nava Asom Nirman Foundation enhance quality of life of people through innovative and sustainable solution. Major areas we works for are:


  • Education
  • Environment
  • Sports for development
  • Disaster response
  • Art and Culture
  • Youth welfare and skill development

Our Vision

Nava Asom Nirman Foundation’s greater vision is to make Assam a thriving, happy & developed state by involving the youth of the state in activities where their talent & potential can be identified, nurtured & guided to attain excellence in bigger platforms.

Our Approach

We believe in mobilizing resources for development of the marginalized areas and channelizing the bountiful energies of the youth in the right direction to build a new Assam with inclusive growth for all sections of the society.

Our Mission

Nava Asom Nirman Foundation’s mission is-

(1) To create awareness in the field of education, encourage cultivation of reading habits; improve dissemination of knowledge & quality of education through establishing and running libraries and reading rooms with special emphasis on rural areas.

(2) To work towards conservation of the environment and its management.

(3) To encourage sports & games by way of organizing and sponsoring sports events.

(4) To organize and manage resources and responsibilities for dealing with all humanitarian aspects in case of emergencies, in particular ensuring preparedness, aiding in response and recovery in order to alleviate the impact of disasters.

(5) To work in the field of culture for its promotion such as dance, drama, theatre, music, fine arts and literature towards the greater objective of building peace and communal harmony .

(6) To prepare all young men and women to get formal employment or self employment through market oriented vocational, business and life skill training.