Topic: In the motion of the House “New Education Policy 2022 is a change for good in the Indian education/academic setting”

Rules and regulations:

  • Students will participate in group/team of two members-one for the motion and one against the motion.
  • Each participant will get three minutes to place forward his/her contention.
  • Debaters can speak either in English or in Assamese.
  • A warning bell would go off before the last minute as a reminder to the participants.
  • The decisions of the organizers will be final and binding.


1. Best Team: Rs 6000/-
2. 2nd Best Team: Rs 4000/-
3. Best Debater: Rs 3000/-
4. Emerging Debater: Rs 1000/-

(Certificates and Mementos will be awarded to the winners)

Contact: 9101077156

Register here: